Monday, July 25, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about goals, recently. One of the things that has been helping me get focused is a series of expert interviews that Lesley Riley has been conducting. It is called SEEK. You can find out more here: Artist Success. Lesley's questions are designed to help artists get the most information possible, and the experts have been forthcoming with lots of thought-provoking material.

I've realized, again, that all of my experiences and training work together to create the place I am currently at, and that they will all help me to launch myself into the rest of my life. While I am an artist and work in mixed-media with a concentration in fiber, I am also a social scientist, with an MA in Political & Justice Studies. My focus, as mentioned in my profile, is on global equity and sustainability. In addition, I am a gardener and am beginning to realize I am also a photographer. It remains to be seen how I will meld all of this into future creations. That is why I am working on identifying my goals.

During the heat bubble of this last week, my husband suggested I take my camera out to take some pictures of the Tiger Lilies blooming in a side yard. It is fascinating to see how they grow and perpetuate themselves. Of course, they are lovely flowers, too.

I am inspired by things like this to consider how to incorporate the concepts of simplicity, functionality, and beauty into my own work. In a lot of ways, however, it is a return to previous work in other media, since my Master's Thesis was on sustainability with a focus on Voluntary Simplicity. (If you are interested in more information about that, I suggest reading Duane Elgin's book Voluntary Simplicity, What is voluntary simplicity? by Samuel Alexander, and/or checking out  Center for a New American DreamFinancial Integrity, and/or Northwest Earth Institute websites.)

I'm off to think more about my goals, try to get something defined more clearly, and create. Until next time, I wish you peace and all good.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friends of the GSU Library Bookshelf Quilt

I am very pleased to have finished a project that has been in process for several years. A small group of quilters from the Friends of the GSU Library put together a bookshelf quilt to raise donations for the library. The last stitches went in on Tuesday, and I delivered it on Wednesday.

Friends of the GSU Library Bookshelf Quilt
I designed the quilt, using images from the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park on campus, cats for some special people, and the Friends logo. Carol, Susan, and I pieced the blocks, and Carol quilted it. Each "book" has space for a title purchased by donation to the library. Since we originally were allowing people to donate fabric for the "book," too, only making blocks for purchased books, it was a learning experience. It was decided, at some point, that it made more sense to put the entire quilt together, first. Additional titles can now be added as donations are made. The quilt will be hung in the library.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Life

I am now, officially, "retired" from the day job. This last month has been extremely hectic, between making sure everything was done at work and preparing for the youngest's graduation party. (For some reason, I scheduled that for the day after I "retired." Crazy!) Fortunately, I now have an opportunity to do some things I have been wanting to do for years.

I did take the time before the end of last month to do a quick set of sketches for the Sketchbook Challenge.The theme for the month was "Pathways," which put me in mind of those opening up to me. Here is the final piece.

Colored pencil, micro pen, computer manipulation.

My daughter has already asked me to consider joining her at a show in September, and we are finally trying to schedule time with one of my brothers, who is also an artist, to finish work on a children's book that has been in limbo for years. Since those are only two of the many projects I have up in the air right now, I don't expect my life to be quiet for long. I do hope to be able to build a rhythm into my days -- or at least my weeks!

For now, wishing you peace and all good.