Saturday, December 4, 2010


It has been a strange couple of weeks. Our Thanksgiving celebration ended up being on the Saturday after the holiday, which threw off my Christmas preparations. (I refuse to do "Black Friday" shopping.) I've missed every art and craft show I usually go to at this time of year. Since I normally get much of my Christmas shopping done at them, and hope to help the artists who show at them a little, that saddens me. However, I did have time with my children and grandchildren, have almost finished the binding on my granddaughter's quilt, and enjoyed the birthday celebration.

I also had a delightful experience the day before Thanksgiving. My current day job is in a location that is on the migration path of sandhill cranes. I was fortunate to get some pictures of cranes riding a thermal. Even at that distance, you can hear them calling as if they are right next to you. Considering that, however, they must be awfully loud! Fortunately, their call is like a trill and very melodic.

This is a picture of a large part of the flock.

What surprised me, however, was how wonderfully close I was able to zoom in on them after I uploaded the pictures to my computer.

I have been following Melanie Testa's blog, and was reminded of this shot when I saw her post, "I Listen" Inspiration is piling up around me, so that I am anxiously awaiting free time in my studio to play. It will come soon.

Right now, my world is covered in snow. A storm system came in last night, depositing enough to cover everything in a thick powder and line the branches of the trees. The squirrels have left their tracks through the yard, and little boys are trying to make money shoveling. I've been taking advantage of the desire to stay in the warmth of a cozy house, working on a few presents, and trying to catch up on my "To Do" list.

I hope that you are enjoying a cozy home, happy anticipation of time with friends and/or family, and time to relax. Until next time, may you experience peace and all good.


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  2. I goofed! When I went back to Melly's blog to let her know I'd linked to it, I realized that the posting that had first reminded me of these birds was "14=7+7 (Which is half of 4 Weeks)" I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I.

  3. Wonderful post Dianne. I am just about to do a post that it somewhat related! Check back in!

  4. The Sandhill Cranes migrate over our area also. Every spring and fall I listen and wait for their talk. Amazing birds.