Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow and Winter Activities

Just like much of the northern section of the county, we were visited by the heavy snow the last couple of days. While we did not get the kind of accumulation that has been hitting the northeast this winter, our area did receive around half a foot of snow (somewhere between 5" and 8" according to the National Weather Service).

This is how the snow looked yesterday afternoon.

This is how it looked earlier this morning. While we had been well below the average snowfall for the season, this event brought our area up to within an inch or so of normal accumulation. It is extremely odd to have it so late and that fact broke a record set back in 1931 for the heaviest snowfall in March.
Of course, this is just the kind of weather that makes many of us (myself included) want to stay inside, enjoy the view, and do other things. I have finally gotten back to organizing the studio, again. This past month, I have been unable to work on that because I was working on this:

This baby quilt proves the adage about getting fabric when you see it. The bug fabric in the pinwheels was purchased at the first Chicago International Quilt Show. At the time, I had no idea how I would use it, but I did know I had to buy it. When my niece and her husband asked for "bright colors" for their first baby, I knew why.

The pattern is an adaptation of a Project Linus quilt from "Quiltmaker" magazine, called "Hopes & Dreams." I adjusted the size of the block to 7" and changed the direction in order to make the pinwheels. The quilt worked out to a 40" square.

I hope you enjoy.

Until next time, I wish you peace and all good.


  1. The baby quilt is cute! I love the snow pictures. We are having snow here today and lots of strong winds. Very unusual weather for us in March. Where is Spring?

    1. Thanks, Jennifer.

      I didn't realize the cold was going to go so far south, but you are probably getting what we had. Our temperatures have been running around ten degrees below average, but we had a very mild December and January. Today, however, the temperature is above freezing, and it is supposed to get even warmer by the end of the week. Hopefully, Spring won't be far behind.

  2. Lovely baby quilt! I'm finishing up borders on my log cabin and it contains some of the fabric you used on your backing. I always love when I see some of "my" fabric in someone else's quilt. It's as if the two quilts are related.

    I've started my seeds for foxglove and snapdragons. They haven't sprouted yet, no matter how often I tell them they should.

  3. Very strange, nothing but rain here inNJ. Lots of wind though. Today is calmer. I love pinwheels, and yours is perfect for a young one with such brightness. We all buy fabric that we could not pass up without a clue what it will become, but I think there is a deep down part that intuitively knows it will be important someday.