Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Days

Since I live in northern Illinois, I was one of "fortunate" people who experienced heavy snow and winds this last week. On Wednesday, all of my family members had a snow day. It was unusual for all of us to be home and feeling so relaxed. Since we had no obligations for the day, we were able to do whatever we felt like doing -- without guilt!

Early in the morning, I decided to try taking some pictures of the blizzard. To my surprise, a rabbit decided to pose for me. It appeared to be trying to find a warmer place to wait out the storm. Since the rabbits don't usually come through until dusk, it was quite unusual.

I did have an opportunity to spend some time quilting, and begin to do some serious thinking about what I will do after I "retire" from the day job. It is my hope that I will be able to begin selling my artwork, again. Simultaneously, I have a deep desire to "make a difference" in some way. I want to get more involved in social justice issues, again, but haven't yet decided where or how I would be most effective.

Is there an issue that is close to your heart? How would you or do you make a difference? How would you or did you decide what to do?

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