Monday, February 20, 2012


I had a breakthrough last week that has resulted in a wave of new creative work. It resulted in my being able to finish the Priority Quilt, cut templates for a product, and choose an idea to work on for the Sketchbook Challenge. What happened is that I finally have a schedule worked out that gives me solid time in the studio, as well as time to do all the other necessary things to maintain a business.

The fact that it took me six months from the time I retired from the day job to get to this point made me realize that I needed to learn to live with my altered day-to-day existence before I could make these decisions. It is a reminder of the reasons I have been drawn to the slow-cloth movement. We tend to want everything to happen immediately in our society, but sometimes the best way is to let things move slowly.

This, too, was evident as I was working on the Priority Quilt. Since it is a piece I made with my beloved mother-in-law in mind, I found it quite difficult to work on for too long at a time. The emotional drain was too much. Once I accepted that fact, it became easier to do what I could, as I could, and accept the need to walk away without completing it more quickly.

I am just beginning to explore some of the areas that will make a difference in the scope of my business, as well as the great variety of techniques available to me as an artist. It is my hope that the insights I gained in the last week provide me with new ways to look at the decisions necessary ahead.

Since I want to wait to show the Priority Quilt until after I've made arrangements with AAQI, I don't have that picture for you, but thought you might enjoy this "conversation."

Until next time, I wish you peace and all good.

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