Sunday, May 5, 2013

Book Review

I recently read an interesting new book called Overheated: The Human Costs of Climate Change by Andrew Guzman ©2013 (Oxford University Press). I have no stake in the book, financial or otherwise, but feel it is important enough to be worth writing about.

Rather than describe the science, Guzman looks at the results that would occur (and in some cases are already happening) if a conservative estimate of global warming proves true. He uses analogies throughout the book that are quite effective in describing a variety of the basic issues. In addition, he provides clear examples of the various scenarios that are possible. Guzman also gives an account of the support for claims on both sides of the issue so that the average person has a better understanding of who is on each side. One point that he makes is an answer to those who feel we should wait to respond or that there is significant time to make changes. His response is to question whether the person is saving for a child’s college education or for retirement because many of the changes that are projected will likely occur within the next two to thirty-five years.
While I would have liked to have seen more prescriptions for ways in which individuals can impact the situation, Guzman keeps the book short enough to be readable while covering a significant amount of material.
I heartily recommend reading the book whatever side of the issue you are on. While he certainly takes the position that the climate is changing, the ramifications in terms of its impact are spelled out clearly and may surprise you.
As always, I wish you peace and all good.

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