Friday, May 17, 2013

Living with Joy

Years ago I maintained a very large garden, growing vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs. It was during a time in my life when I was a SAHM and had begun building the business, making, at the time, primarily useful items and some dolls. In the intervening years, I went back to get my degrees and ended up working full time until I retired. Also, during those years, my allergies got so bad that I could no longer work the garden. There are some leftovers of my gardening years, however, and yesterday evening I took the chance of an allergic reaction and went out to take pictures.
apple blossoms

lilac bushes

rose bush
lilac close up
even closer
When I graduated with my MA, my brother and his wife gifted us with two beautiful bushes. One of them has done well, since it gets full sun. The other sits unhappily in the shade of the fruit trees (pictured below). I want to have it replanted elsewhere, but do not remember what it is or know when the best time is to uproot it. Does anyone have any ideas?
One of the reasons I decided to go out to take the photos is that I lost a cousin, suddenly, last month. She and I were born in the same year, and so far as anyone knew, she not only did not have any health issues, but was doing everything right to stay healthy. I had expected she would outlive me by many years. While my first reaction, after concern for her family, was to dwell on the probability of death, it finally hit me that what I really need to do is live with joy. None of us knows how much time we have, but we need to make the most of whatever there is.
That spurred me to make some decisions about my creative work. I have several things in process, now, and hope to share them, soon. One is a new art doll prototype. I have also been designing some prayer flags. Perhaps of more significance are the decisions I have been making about priorities and incorporating more time for items I have started or have materials to make for family members. At any rate, it has had the result of kick-starting my creativity, again.
I hope that you will find ways to live with joy.
Until next time, I wish you peace.


  1. Lovely post. I think it's good to be reminded once in a while that "living with joy" should be our first priority. When we allow joy into our lives, everything else falls in place. We create with more imagination, have more rewarding friendships, nurture our loves. It's so difficult to lose people close to us, but at least your cousin lifted you to new heights.

  2. Joy unspeakable when we return to our maker. Looking at your post identified the tree in my front yard. It is a lilac. I brought it back to life with special drainage and watering. We can bring a hardened heart to soften with love, care and concern. Hopefully, we will all add that to any crafts sale we make.