Friday, March 20, 2015

Recycling Doll Parts

After seeing a post about this artist: Tree Change Dolls, I got to thinking about all the doll parts I inherited from my sister, who worked in porcelain. I really like the idea of giving older dolls a new life, yet I had forgotten about the doll parts that never quite made it into whole dolls. While I have been working on prototypes that are all cloth, I have boxes and bins of heads, arms, legs, and other parts she made that can be used.

Since I do not work in fired clay and have no access to a kiln, I need to work out how to use the pieces. Some of them are fully fired. Some are only bisque fired, and some need repairs. It will probably take a while, but using them is a great way to re/upcycle the materials and pay tribute to my sister. It will also be a challenge, since they range in size from what she called "poppets," (about doll house size) to 20" or more.

I am considering different types of paints I might use, the addition of materials like cloth or Paperclay, or using some of them as molds. The possibilities seem exciting, and I am eager to dive into learning what is doable.

I would love to hear any suggestions you might have about how I can use them.



  1. Wow, a treasure trove! Anything that has to do with dolls gets my attention. It's hard to think of the possibilities without seeing the parts though. Can you post a photo of a pile of them? Lucky you!

    1. Hi Barbara, Unfortunately, I can't post new pictures at the moment, since I'm having trouble with the interface between my camera and the computer. Think of old-fashioned baby dolls with ceramic heads, hands & feet, such as the ones here:, and you'll have a pretty good idea.