Friday, April 3, 2015

Recycling Doll Parts Continued

One of my followers told me, in response to my request for suggestions last time, that it would be helpful to have pictures of the pieces. I was unable to post them until I worked out why my camera and computer would not interface. Since I have been able to work out that last issue, I can now include some shots of what I have inherited. I am only including a couple of examples, since most of the pieces are similar. The exception is the head with the dark markings, which my sister had marked as needing to be fixed, presumably due to a problem with the firing.

This is only a small range of the sizes I have available to me, but they are representative of the types and range of finishes. I did find I have a couple of jars of non-fire glaze in flesh tones, but have no idea how to use them, as I've never worked with them before.

On another note, I was motivated to reorganize my wet studio as a result of doing an inventory of the doll parts, This is how it looks, now, and how I have organized my supplies.

Once again, I'd appreciate any suggestions for using the doll parts and/or methods/products to use on them.

Until next time, I wish you peace and all good things.

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