Friday, April 17, 2015


There has been a lot going on around here in the past couple of weeks, not the least of which was the change in the weather, which resulted in this:

It is glorious to be able to open up the house, hear the wildlife, and feel a warm breeze. We've also had the excitement of preparations for a new great-nephew and a wedding in the family.

I've begun working on a quilt with these:

It is one that I have put off working on for quite a while because I was unhappy with the pattern I had been using. I made a change to the pattern choice and feel much more comfortable about it.

I was able to find information on ways to modify the doll heads, so I will be going forward with that at some point. Prior to that, however, I need to prepare for a visit from my grandchildren. Since they moved across the country when they were babies, it has been a long time since my house needed to be child-proofed.

Until next time, I wish you peace and all good things.


  1. I'm visiting via the LinkedIn quilters group. Working on something you don't like can be a drag -- the fabrics you show are lovely and I hope the new pattern will be more appealing to work with. The idea of recycling/reusing dolls (and parts of dolls) is intriguing. I've seen creepy-doll versions somewhere....I like the TreeChange versions better! I can't offer any advice other than wishing you well.

    1. Thanks, Nann. The earlier pattern made me realize how much I dislike paper piecing, so it was a good learning experience. The new one is, I hope, going to turn into a beautiful quilt, and it's an easy pattern. As for the dolls, I, too, much prefer the TreeChange dolls. Thanks for the good wishes!