Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sketching & Quilting

It has been an interesting and productive week. I have been reading Cathy Johnson's book,

You can find more information here.  http://cathyjohnson.info/bookpages/sketching.html  She is a marvelous teacher. She makes sure that her illustrations are clearly connected to her descriptions, and breaks things down into manageable chunks.

On another note, I got to see and spend time with the grandbabies last Saturday, when we met up with my son and daughter-in-law for lunch and a trip to ProBass Shops. (My husband and children are avid fishermen. I will fish, but rarely do.) In addition to seeing the babies, however, I was able to get a couple of things to help me with working on embellished quilts away from my studio.

This neat little number will easily hold spools of ribbon. While I will not be able to pull ribbon through the holes (they are sized for fishing line), I may be able to work that out, too. At any rate, I can take between six and eight spools on retreats or to classes.

The other item actually came in two sizes. So, I bought one of each. I plan to use them for beads. Each section opens individually from the top, which should be a great help in keeping beads organized and preventing large spills.


On a sadder note, I found out through Lesley Riley's blog entry, Jean Ray Laury, that the quilt world lost a treasure this last week, since Jean Ray Laury passed away. Lesley's blog is a great memorial to her. I consider my decision to attempt my business to be based on Jean's influence. My copy of her book The Creative Woman’s Getting-It-All-Together at Home Handbook is well-thumbed and highlighted.

Wishing you peace and all good.

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